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GodMoments for Men Devotional

GodMoments for Men Devotional


Read it, use it, live it. The GodMoments for Men Devotional presents biblical truths and advice that are timeless, yet perpetually relevant, in a simple, yet profound way. It is small enough to keep handy - slip into a coat pocket or a travel bag and savor moments with God throughout the day.

The cover design invokes thoughts of travel and journeys with its compasses and navigational instruments. The title is printed in white and black in a clear font and accented with spot UV varsnish.


GodMoments for Men

Author Andy Holmes and his brother, Mark, take men on a journey to discover how to apply God's Word to their lives in a simple, down-to-earth fashion.

Each of the 90 daily entries start with a title, followed by a Scripture reference and a short devotion. The day ends with a short quote. The short devotional book is the perfect length to work through in a season and will not overwhelm you with too much reading.

Let the short devotions of the GodMoments for Men Devotional percolate in your mind as you go about your day and then see how it shapes your life to become more like Christ.

This handy-sized book makes a great Christmas gift for the whole family or office or Sunday school class! It is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer and can easily be incorporated in any gift package.


Blue travel themed cover design

White and black spot varnished title


Two-color interior

90 devotions

96 pages

Size: 7" x 4" x 0.4" (178 x 102 x 10mm)

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