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Doodle Devotions for Kids

Doodle Devotions for Kids


A great way to get kids to dig deeper into their Bibles is to have them interact with its stories and lessons. Doodle Devotions for Kids by Nancy Taylor helps children do just that through its 60 devotions and fun doodling activities.

The charcoal black cover of the devotional resembles a blackboard that is filled with white chalk drawings. Clear UV varnish accents are added to create an engaging tactile experience when you hold the book. Four banners in bright colors highlight the title that is presented in a multi-colored multi-font design.


Doodle Devotions for Kids


This collection of devotional topics covers topics from the whole Bible, organized by the Old and New Testaments, while encouraging kids to respond in their own creative ways. Do as the author says, “Write all over this book!”


Designed to be appropriate for—and enjoyed by—both boys and girls, this devotional book features 152 pages and lots of fun illustrations. Topics include creation, brothers and enemies, Bread from heaven, Jesus grows up, the Bread of life, the last supper, and much more. The thick paper will accommodate colored pencils, crayons, and markers, and every page has a space to record your response to the devotional thought.

Doodle Devotions for Kids would make a great gift for any kid in your life and is ideal for ages 6 to 10. Consider adding Doodle Devotions for Kids to a birthday, Christmas, or Easter gift for friends, cousins, nieces, and nephews.


Cute chalk drawing cover design

UV varnish

Multi-color text

Doodle Devotions for Kids


Thick paper

Presentation page

One-color interior

Suitable for children

Ages: 6-10

60 devotions

132 pages

Size: 8.3" x 6.8" x 0.6" (211 x 172 x 15mm)

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