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Doodle Devotions for Girls

Doodle Devotions for Girls


The best devotionals for youth are the ones that encourage them to engage with God's Word and spend time meditating on what they've read. Doodling, coloring, and journaling are some great ways to do that, and Doodle Devotions for Girls by Nancy Taylor fits the bill. Sixty devotions designed especially for teen girls will help your daughter, niece, or Sunday School student get deeper into her Bible in a fun and creative way!

The devotional features a cream-colored cover enhanced with cute line-drawn birds, polka dots, and a colorful bunting. All the cover decorations are accented with a clear UV varnish that adds an engaging tactile experience to doodling. The title is presented in black letters accented with pink and white shadow lines.


Doodle Devotions for Girls


At just 152 pages, this book is easy for a young lady to manage, and the illustrated black-and-white interior pages present the perfect canvas for the reader's own colorful doodles and notes.

The content is divided into 12 weeks and each week features five devotions for a total of 60 devotions. Topics include God and Me, Who am I, Family Matters, Purity, Modesty, Mean Girls, and much more. The book is designed for preteen and teenage girls aged 13 and older ready to dig deeper into their relationship with God. It offers practical always to apply God's Word to real life, all while expressing your creativity. So get your fancy pens, colored pencils, crayons, and markers ready and do as the author, Nancy Taylor,s says, "Write all over this book!"


The Doodle Devotions for Girls makes a meaningful birthday gift for a preteen or teenage daughter or granddaughter.


Cute doodle drawing cover design

UV varnish

Black text with pink and white shadow line

Doodle Devotions for Girls


Thick paper

Presentation page

One-color interior

Suitable for preteens and teens

Ages: 13 and Up

60 devotions

152 pages

Size: 8.3" x 6.8" x 0.6" (211 x 172 x1 5mm)

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